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// The Lessons | Pain is your best teacher

The Lessons - abgefahrene Ideen, Peinlichkeiten und Zerbörsterer aus dem Leben der members. Wer nach einem tieferen Sinn in den Videos sucht, wird diesen nicht finden. Die Videos können auf bewertet werden. Viel Spass damit!

1st Lesson | fight a boring day

how to fight a boring day | by paul & daniel [mehr]

2nd Lesson | fightclub & pharmacy

How a new member of fightclub ask for support in a pharmacy | by cri [mehr]

3rd Lesson | vaseline gloves

Never use vaseline on your gloves | by cri [mehr]

4th Lesson | skiservice

always perform your skiservice yourself | by poti [mehr]

5th Lesson | snow&bike combo

First bike and snow combo | by marcello [mehr]

6th Lesson | stop drinking

Stop drinking when your are drunk | by paul [mehr]

7th Lesson | BMX slide`n dropin`

slidin` and dropin` with bmx | BAMchris [mehr]

8th Lesson | bone breaking bmx

sometimes you only have to break your bones to win again | mr. pain is your best teacher | by BAMchris [mehr]

9th Lesson | kite tryout

believe in god an be a messiah | by poti [mehr]

10th Lesson | Friends

your friends are always your greatest fans | by Pepi [mehr]

11th Lesson | the devil

Relieve the devil in you [mehr]

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